Mufdil Tuhri

Becoming Dayak Muslim in East Kalimantan

Thesis review of CRCS 2011 master’s thesis by Yuyun Sri Wahyuni

Coptic Christianity under Muslim rulers past and present

A report from the Wednesday Forum presentation by Dr Magdy Behman on April 18, 2018.

Status Penghayat Kepercayaan setelah Keputusan MK

Liputan diskusi publik di Fakultas Hukum UGM, 27 Februari 2018.

Field trip to the oldest klenteng in Yogyakarta

CRCS students of the World Religions class visited the oldest klenteng (Chinese temple) in Yogyakarta, named Tjen Ling Kiong or more commonly known as Klenteng Poncowinatan.