Wednesday Forum

Emerging Digital Islamic Socialities among Bandung’s Youth

Wed Forum, 5 Dec 2018. Speaker: Dayana Lengauer from the Institute for Social Anthropology at the Austrian Academy of Sciences.

Lakoat.Kujawas and Village Revitalization Based on Mollo Tradition in East Nusa Tenggara

Wednesday Forum, 28 November 2018. Speaker: Dicky Senda, founder of Lakoat.Kujawas.

Broken Marriage: A Perspective from Gender Studies

Wed Forum, 21 Nov 2018. Speaker: Dr Siti Syamsiyatun, director of ICRS.

Sufis, Soldiers, and the State: A State-Tariqa Alliance in Contemporary Java

Wednesday Forum, 14 November 2018. Speaker: Ismail Fajrie Alatas from New York University.

Peace Education for Inner Transformation in Higher Religious Education

Wednesday Forum, 7 Nov 2018. Speaker: Le Ngoc Bich Ly from Payap University, Thailand.

Piety as Commodity: The Rise of Muslim-only Housing Complexes in Indonesia

Wed Forum, 24 Oct 2018. Speaker: Maria Adriani, from UII Yogyakarta.