Course Name : Advanced Study of Buddhism
Course Code : RCSC-667
Units : 3

The course of Advanced Study of Buddhism is a continuation of the lecture History of Buddhism. It contains the principal teachings of Buddhism and the application of Buddhism in various aspects of life. The course of Advanced Study of Buddhism is to be attended by non-Buddhists students, because after following this course it is expected that they will have a clear view of the way of life of Buddhist followers and the attitude of Buddhism in various aspects of life. Moreover it is expected that it will lead to the understanding and the attitude of tolerance toward religious diversity in Indonesia.
The main purpose of this course is to stimulate critical thinking in understanding Buddhism, both from the analysis of its teaching, philosophy, social, and culture in the context of academic thinking. Given a broad scope of this life, Buddhism certainly has no pretensions to give a comprehensive view of everything that exists in this life. Instead, it will only take few important issues that are relevant for today’s world. This course will analyze critically of the problem solution given by Buddhism.
This course requires students to submit a response to the weekly reading material, to write a brief summary, and to complete final paper. Some meetings will consist of weekly individual presentation and class discussion to discuss topics that have been planned.