Course Name : Religion, State and Civil Society
Course Code : RCSE-633
Units : 3

This class will examine the complex relationships between religion, the state and civil society, internationally and with particular reference to Indonesia in this present era of Democratic development. Religions and the state both claim that they are the most effective agents for creating a truly civil society, but recent years have seen dramatic changes in the nature of the state, internationally and in Indonesia, and at the same time a hightening in the demands of religious communities in many parts of the world. We will explore the positive aspects of civil society and also look at alternative models such as popular participatory democracy or a renewal of Pancasila democracy after Reformasi. The class will A seminar to celebrate the tenth anniversary of CRCS (2010) Center for Religious & Cross-cultural Studies 17 examine the role of these concepts in recent Indonesian history, and look at the role of religion, and the encounters of the major religions in the context of the state and civil society in Indonesia. In certain years, it may puts an emphasis on more specific issues, such as freedom of religion and belief or religion and law, etc.