Religious Nuance in School Gang Rivalries in Yogyakarta

Brawls among school students become a major issue in Indonesia recently due to the level of their violence became deadly. Five high school students dead on August and September brawls. Some say exposure to violent media influence students’s aggressive behavior. More.. 

“Religious Commuters”: Modern Balinese Hindus of Sai Baba

In Bali, the notion of “religion” is embedded with that of “tradition”(adat) (Picard, 2002; 111-114). It is especially the case among the young generation of Balinese. One would, therefore, be confused if he or she strictly understands both notions as essentially separate entities. The young Balinese Hindus perceive and practice both “religion” and “adat” as one thing, More..

We’re Pilgrims, Not Tourists: The Balinese Holy Water Tour to India

The Holy Water Tour to India is famous among to the Balinese Hindus middle class. They have a regular tour which they called as Tirta Yatra as we can see they promote at the local Bali’s daily newspaper. Tirta mean holy water and Yatra mean pilgrimage recall the pilgrimage of the Hindus’ holy man in Bali which followed by building a temple and sacred place with a spring. More..

Bali’s Ritual Economy

“As Balinese, we have many responsibilities. We have traditions. We have to hold rituals. We have to make offerings. But it’s only if we have money that these responsibilities become easy to bear.” – A 50-year-old Balinese man from the village of Tampaksiring. Few visitors to Bali fail to witness the colorful religious rituals for which the island is famous. More..