Theological perspective and legal approach has been a dominant feature of interventions on interrreligious tensions in Indonesia. With respect to these two lens, we believe that civic issues that refer to local dynamic of plural communities are critical to interreligious coexistence an tensions. We propose the term diversity management or “menejemen keragaman” to integrate diverse disciplines such as conflict theories, religious studies and identity politics to find effective ways to address interreligious tensions.

This school attempts at bridging the gap between differrent actors to find more integrative approach in addressing religious tensions. The school is desigend for differrent audiens, but the main component of its curriculum is designed to strengthen participants; capacities in the following aspects: knowldege base on theoretical and legal framework on rligious roles’ in democratic public life, various tools in identity and conflict analysis, skills in choosing accurate intervention strategies for addressing diverse forms of religious tensions, and preparing research-based advocacy.
The school is run twice a year. Each school recruits around 25 particiapants. Participants of our last school in February 11-22 were selected from young civil society activists in 11 provinces from Aceh to Papua. This year (2013) we are preparing two rounds of the school for members of Forum for Interfaith Harmony or Forum Kerukunan Umat Beraagama (FKUB). Participants selection for theese upcoming rounds will combine more and less successful FKUB’s in differrent areas.

Contact Person: Iqbal Ahnaf:; 083181880355

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