1. Contesting Morality: Youth Piety and Pluralism in Indonesia, by Mohammad Iqbal Ahnaf
  2. The State of Religious Pluralism in Indonesia : A literature review by Zainal Abidin Bagir & Suhadi Cholil
  3. Rethinking The Secular
  4. The Hidden Dimension of The Secular : Rethinking humanism in an age of religious revitalism
  5. Instrument for Promoting Pluralism : Examples from two Indonesian NGOs
  6. Uganda Riots Revisited : A conversation with Emily Drani dan John De Coninck
  7. Human Rights, Pluralism dan Civil Society : Reflecting on contemporary challenges in India
  8. The Idea of Secularism and the Supreme Court of India
  9. On equal terms, please
  10. Indigenous Community Identity Within Muslim Societies in Indonesia : A Study of Katab Kebahan Dayak in West Borneo
  11. The Development and Role of Religious Studies : Some Indonesian Reflection
  12. Analysis of Indonesia’s Ahmadiyah Case

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