By Faradilla Al-Fath from Indonesia

August 8, 2015

No lessons today! This day is different from any other day, because we just completed our lessons yesterday! However, since we have to conduct a workshop about pluralism, development and social change in our community as an output of joining the 2015 Summer School, we have to plan and figure out of how our workshop will be in the future. That’s why we were gathering today for some brainstorming on workshop ideas by using posters as a media!

See? It’s very unlike the classes we had before. Everybody was busy walking around the classroom, finding coloured papers and

markers, borrowing and lending crayons to each other and not to mention, queueing for scissors—so many people, so few scissors!

Some of the people finished their posters by lunch time, while some others had not. Nevertheless, the show must go on! So we began to present our posters at around 2 PM and each person had approximately 5 minutes to present theirs, and let’s take a peek!

Wieke was one of the first participants to present her poster. She plans to conduct her workshop on internet security and identity in Hivos – the Netherlands office, where she works.

I got my presentation time on the second turn. I plan to conduct a workshop about the reconciliation efforts based on May 1998, because I am very inspired by the Napak Reformasi excursion we had last week. I think that making a workshop about this issue will be interesting and thought provoking. And oh, this is my poster!
Well, I think that’s all for tonight! Although I can’t really say ‘that’s all’ for tonight, because there is this kind of a birthday party going on right now and the music is really loud! Well, I think I might be just join them for the party rather than sitting and pondering on how to bring peace in the Indonesia. Who knows that I’ll probably get a slice of the birthday cake?


Faradilla Al-Fath has completed her undergraduate degree in Management at the Faculty of Economics and Business – Universitas Gadjah Mada, Yogyakarta – Indonesia; she is actively engaged in Jaringan Gusdurian,  Animal Friends Jogja and Project Child Indonesia in which she learns about pluralism, environment and development issues in Yogyakarta. A part time activist and a full-time pop culture junkie. Any invitation for mountain hiking or city sight-seeing will always be welcomed.(