1.December 19th, 2011Dr. Mucha-Shim Quiling ArquizaWed Forum:Suluan People’s Memory of the Ethnoreligious and Social Movements
2.December 12th, 2011Sumanto Al QurtubyWed Forum: Religion, Violence, and Peacebuilding Between Christians and Muslims
3.November 30th, 2011Muhammad Iqbal Ahnaf, Ph.DWed Forum: The Evolution of the Political Strategy of Hizbut Tahrir Indonesia
4.November 21st, 2011Samsul MaarifWed Forum: Being Muslim in Animistic Ways
5.November 16th, 2011Dr. Siti SamsiyatunWed Forum: Merengkuh Merapi dengan Iman
6.November 7th, 2011Prof. Bernard Adeney-RisakottaWed Forum: Islam and Culture
7.November 1st, 2011Sakdiyah Ma'rufWed Forum: Post 9/11 Stand Up Comedy in USA
8.October 25th, 2011Achmad MunjidWed Forum: The Role of Religion as Social Critique
9.October 18th, 2011-WedForum: Provoked (A True Story)
10.October 10th, 2011Glenn Shive, Ph.DWed Forum: Religious Life in China
11.October 3rd, 2011Nina Mariani NoorWed Forum: Negotiating Identity in Indonesia (The Experience of Ahmadi Women)
12.September 15th, 2011Joko Wicoyo, Ph.DWedForum: The Implementation of Roman Catholic Social Teaching
13.May 12th, 2011Kris BudimanWednesday Forum: Buddhist Temples Around Yogyakarta
14.May 12th, 2011Prof. Dr. Teresa MurphyWednesday Forum: The Importance of Religion in the US Labor Movement