1.December 3rd, 2012Lotte KemkensWedforum: Religion and Disaster in Theory and Practice
2.November 26th, 2012Dr. Leonard C. EpafrasWedforum: "Jewish Sufism" in Medieval Egypt
3.November 5th, 2012Drs. Joachim Agus Tridianto, MAWedforum: "Forgiveness of the Powerless: Survivors of Riot 1998 in Solo"
4.October 29th, 2012-Wedforum "On the Sufi trail: from Kurdistan and Turkey to Nusantara"
5.October 22nd, 2012Dr. Carool KerstenWedforum: Contributions by New Muslim Intellectual to the Study of Islam
6.October 15th, 2012Muhammad Najib AzcaWedforum: The Life Stories of Jihadists
7.October 8th, 2012Muhammad Najib AzcaWedForum "After Jihad: A Passionate Politics’ Approach" Part I
8.October 2nd, 2012Salman HameedWedforum: "Negotiating Science & Religion"
9.September 24th, 2012Prof. Judith SchleheWedforum: Paranormal Practitioners and Popular Religion in Contemporary Java
10.September 10th, 2012Prof. Bernard Adeney-RisakottaWedforum: Indonesian And Western Social Imaginaries
11.April 20th, 2012Wael B. HallaqWed Forum (25 April 2012): The Idea of Islamic State
12.April 8th, 2012Prof. William KayWed Forum (11 April 2012): Cultural Flows in Global Pentecostalism
13.March 22nd, 2012Tomas LindgrenWed Forum (28 March 2012): Mobilization for Religious Conflict
14.March 19th, 2012Mustaghfiroh RahayuWed Forum 21 Maret: Wajah Kehidupan Beragama di Indonesia
15.March 12th, 2012Hilman LatiefWedForum March 14th: Charity Activism and the Increasing Visibility of Indonesia
16.March 1st, 2012Jeanne Zimmerly JantziWedForum March 7th: The Global Anabaptist Mennonite Movement
17.February 23rd, 2012Norhayati KaprawiWedForum Feb 29: Jilbab (Hijab) in Malaysia
18.February 14th, 2012Ahmad Rafiq, MAWedForum: The History of the Qur’an (from Revelation to Reception)
19.February 7th, 2012Endy M. BayuniNext Wedforum: The Role of Media in Religious Conflicts
20.February 6th, 2012Nihayatul WafirohWed Forum: Arranged Marriages in Indonesia