1.December 10th, 2014Danielle LussierReligion and Attitudes toward Gender Inequality: An Indonesian Survey
2.December 3rd, 2014Philip Fountain, Ph.DProselytising Development
3.November 12th, 2014Dr. Phil. Ferry Muhammadsyah Siregar, LC. MAThe Role of Religious Leaders in the Study of the Quran in Indonesia
4.November 12th, 2014Nuki Mayasari, MAMiddle Class Religiosity: Multiple Pilgrimage Practices among Muslim
5.November 5th, 2014Syamsu Madyan, Ph.DThe Interplay of Power & Agency amongst Muslim Living with HIV & AIDS
6.October 29th, 2014DR Novi KurniaFeminism and Women Film Directors in Post-New Order Indonesia
7.October 22nd, 2014Prof. Bernard Adeney-RisakottaMuslim and Christian Imagination of God: Unity, Diversity and Politic
8.October 15th, 2014Darwin Darmawan, MAHybrid Identity of Indonesian-Christian-Chinese in Post Soeharto Era.
9.October 8th, 2014Evi Eliyanah, Ph.DRepresentation of Muslim Masculinity in Recent Indonesian Films.
10.October 1st, 2014Drs. SubandiAltered States of Consciousness and Religious Healing
11.September 24th, 2014Andreas Jonathan, Ph.DThe Role of University in Interfaith Peacemaking
12.September 12th, 2014MA Wiranata AdisasmitaSUICIDE: Classic to Temp, Popular and Dangerous Topic
13.September 12th, 2014Drs. SubandiProf. Mary-Jo Del Vecchio GoodProf. ByronCultural and Religious Diversity in Response to Mental Health Problems
14.September 3rd, 2014Greg Vanderbilt, Ph.DThe Politics of Religious Freedom in Modern Japan
15.August 27th, 2014Greg ConstantineLife Inside the Camps and Ghettos for Burmas Muslim Rohingya
16.May 7th, 2014Benjamin HegartyFamiliar Bodies: Transgender Kinship in Yogyakarta
17.April 30th, 2014Robert Dayley, PhD.Buddhist Fundamentalism and Thailands Political Crisis
18.April 23rd, 2014YuliantiThe History of Buddhism in Indonesia
19.April 16th, 2014Morny JoyReflecting on Women's Rights and Religion in Today's World
20.April 2nd, 2014Rachmi Diyah Larasati, Ph.DRitual, Dancing "Ecofeminism" and Genealogy of Post Colonial Thought
21.March 26th, 2014Jaye StarrWedforum Goes to UKDW: Islam & Muslims in America
22.March 12th, 2014Abdul Wahid, Ph.DOpium-related Problems and the Limit of the Colonial State Authority, 1870-1930s
23.March 5th, 2014Prof. Philip BuckleyReligion within the Public Sphere in Multi-religious Societies
24.February 26th, 2014Syaifudin ZuhriOn Haul of Balinese Muslim Saints: Notes from the Field
25.February 19th, 2014Dr. Andreas RadtkeWedForum: Political Islam in Global Terms
26.February 12th, 2014Dr. Leonard C. EpafrasJews of Nusantara: Trajectories of Identity in the course of Indonesian History