12-Dec-15WitrianiThe Idea of a Judeo-Christian Tradition and The Representation of Jews and Judaism in Hollywood Cinema
225-Nov-15Dewi CandraningrumBody Memories: Goddesses of Nusantara, Narratives of Myth and Rings of Fire
318-Nov-15Haryani SaptaningtyasPollution, Purification, Perceptions and Practices
411-Nov-15Maurisa ZiniraThe Rupture of the Brotherhood: Understanding the Dispute Among JI-Affiliated Groups Over ISIS
528-Oct-15Tomas LindgrenA Multi-Voiced Identity, Ideology and Nonviolent Activism of Wahiduddin Khan
621-Oct-15Anuradha Dingwaney NeedhamSecularism in the Context of India
77-Oct-15Muhammad Al-FayyadlIslam and Marxism, a Reappraisal
830-Sep-15Rachma SafitriMovie Screening, Karatagan Ciremai
916-Sep-15Dr. Samsul MaarifAmmatoan Indigenous Religion and Forest Conservation
109-Sep-15Dr. Zainal Abidin BagirRethinking the Discourse on “Religion and Science”, Questioning the Categories of “Religion” and “Science”
112-Sep-15Gama TrionoAdvocating Sexual Health and Right: PKBI’s Experience
1226-Aug-15Paul MarshallIn Defense of Religious Freedom
1313-May-15Suhadi Cholil, Ph.DWhy Has There Been Conflict Over Houses of Worship?
146-May-15Sook Nim ChoiPlace as a Medium
1529-Apr-15Dr. Andrew P. W. BennettUnderstanding Religious Freedom Today
1615-Apr-15Izak Lattu, Ph.DChristian Mosque-Muslim Church: The Forest of Cultural-Interreligious Symbol an The Reclaiming of Religious Hyphenation
171-Apr-15Dr. Arie Setyaningrum PamungkasPopular Culture and The Transformation of Islamic Media in Indonesia
1825-Mar-15Dr. Sophia ArjanaMuslim Monsters: Pre-Modern and Modern Imaginings of Islam
1918-Mar-15Fransiskus Borgias. MThe Encounter Between Christianity and Manggaraian Culture
2011-Mar-15-Embracing Spirituality and Sustainability in Asia
214-Mar-15-Encountering Death: Buddhist Perspectives
2225-Feb-15-How Much Separation of Religion and State Does Democracy Require?
2318-Feb-15Jean Couteau,, Ph.D Je Suis Charlie, Why Yes in France but No in Indonesia?
2411-Feb-15Sarah ThompsonBuilding Nonviolent and Anti-oppressive Interfaith Peace and Justice Partnership