Wednesday Forum

Broken Marriage: A Perspective from Gender Studies

Wed Forum, 21 Nov 2018. Speaker: Dr Siti Syamsiyatun, director of ICRS.

Sufis, Soldiers, and the State: A State-Tariqa Alliance in Contemporary Java

Wednesday Forum, 14 November 2018. Speaker: Ismail Fajrie Alatas from New York University.

Peace Education for Inner Transformation in Higher Religious Education

Wednesday Forum, 7 Nov 2018. Speaker: Le Ngoc Bich Ly from Payap University, Thailand.

Piety as Commodity: The Rise of Muslim-only Housing Complexes in Indonesia

Wed Forum, 24 Oct 2018. Speaker: Maria Adriani, from UII Yogyakarta.

Protecting the future: Climate change and intergenerational justice

Wednesday Forum, 17 October 2018. Speaker: Daniel Petz.

The equivocality and malleability of Pancasila

A report from the Wednesday Forum talk by Azis Anwar on Sept 26, 2018.