Wednesday Forum

Protecting the future: Climate change and intergenerational justice

Wednesday Forum, 17 October 2018. Speaker: Daniel Petz.

The equivocality and malleability of Pancasila

A report from the Wednesday Forum talk by Azis Anwar on Sept 26, 2018.

Reclaiming the Sacred: The Theological and the Public at Benoa Bay

Wednesday Forum, 10 October 2018. Speaker: Daud Sihombing.

Dreams from the Golden Island

Wednesday Forum, 3 October 2018. Speaker: Elizabeth D Inandiak, a french writer and translator.

Pancasila Contested: Competing Interpretations of Indonesia’s National Ideology

Wednesday Forum, 26 Sept 2018. Speaker: Azis Anwar Fachrudin

Renegotiating Indonesia: The Role of Religious Institutions from the Contractualist Perspective

Wed Forum, 19 September 2018. Speaker: Abdul Gaffar Karim, from FISIPOL, UGM.