NoRequired, Core Courses CodeSKS
1World ReligionsSPSAG61103
2Academic Study of ReligionSPSAG61033
3Inter-religious Dialogue: Theories and PracticesSPSAG62043
4Research Methods of Religious StudiesSPSAG62063
5Advanced Study of Religion:
- IslamSPSAG62063
- HinduismSPSAG62073
- ChristianitySPSAG62083
- BuddhismSPSAG62093
6Academic English
Elective Courses
1Violence and Peace in ReligionsSPSAG61203
2Religion and FilmSPSAG61213
3Religion and GenderSPSAG61223
4Religion, State, and SocietySPSAG62243
5World Religions and Local CultureSPSAG62253
6Religion and EnvironmentSPSAG71263
7Islam and Politics in 20th Century JavaSPSAG62273
8Religious EducationSPSAG71283
9Religion and GlobalizationSPSAG71293
10Religion and Human RightsSPSAG71303
11Religion and Science in an Imperfect WorldSPSAG71313
12Comparing the Dynamics of Islam in Turkey and IndonesiaSPSAG71323
13Religion, Nature, and GlobalizationSPSAG71333
14Religion and TourismSPSAG61343
15Religion and EcologySPSAG71363
16World and Indigenous Religions in DialogueSPSAG62373
17Religion and GlobalizationSPSAG61383
18Religious Perspectives on the Cultural PastSPSAG61353
19Indigenous Religions: The Emergence of Post-Cartesian EthnographiesSPSAG61363