What makes tolerance costly?

Tolerance, i.e. real and sincere tolerance, is not cheap. It costs; it has a price that we must pay if we really intend to be tolerant.

Menjadi Yahudi di Indonesia: Refleksi Personal

Catatan dari pengalaman personal, tentang Nazisme, anti-Semitisme, dan sekilas sejarah Yahudi di Indonesia.

Idul Fitri: On mercy and compassion

The two chosen for the most recited verse that is read before every faithful Muslim starts doing positive things is God’s attributes of being beneficent (rahman) and merciful (rahim).

Terrorism from the perspective of identity politics

“Terrorism is born out of an identity crisis as a result of a complex situation that has made the terrorists unable to behave like normal people.”

The apocalyptic logic behind suicide bombings

What kind of parents could strap bombs onto their children’s bodies and lead them to commit suicide together? What kind of logic implanted in their minds?

Nalar Apokaliptik di Balik Aksi Bom Bunuh Diri

Bagaimana bisa orang tua tega melilitkan sabuk bom di tubuh anak-anak mereka untuk bersama-sama bunuh diri? Nalar kekerasan apa yang ada di kepala para “penjemput kematian” ini?