Wednesday Forum Report

Recent Discourse of Religion and Science

Ali Jafar | CRCS | Wednesday Forum Report The discourse about “religion” “and” “science” has been long contested among scholars. Since the nineteenth century, religion and science have often been understood as in conflict with each other, science is human method for understanding nature using reason and religion relies on divine revelation. From different starting […]

Ammatoa: Local Wisdom from the Forest Conservation

Ali Jafar | CRCS | Wednesday Forum Many of us know Ammatoans from general perspectives about them. Their traditional ways of life are fascinating. Indeed, if we watch TV programs about ethnicity or similar topic, Ammatoans are usually portrayed as a small community group who “still” believe in “animism” and hold rituals for forest conservation. […]

Where Religious Freedom is heading to?

Author: Ali Ja’far/CRCS Editor: Gregory Vanderbilt “Where religious freedom is heading to” is the big question nowadays. It is sensitive issue in pluralistic societies where blasphemy law and religious conflict are still dominant. Speaking in the Wednesday Forum of CRCS/ICRS, Dr Paul Marshal of the Hudson Institute in Washington, D.C., and the Leimena Institute in […]

Charlie Hebdo, Freedom of Expression and Its Limit

The January 7, 2015, attack on the Paris office of the satirical magazine Charlie Hebdoand the killing of eleven people has raised questions about universal values of human rights and freedom of expression, as well as religious blasphemy, since the attack was based on what some Muslims and others consider the mocking of the Prophet […]

Exiled To Nowhere: Stateless People of Burma’s Rohingya

Wedforum | CRCS | Hary Widyantoro On August 27th, Greg Constantine, a freelance photographer from the United States, presented the story of stateless Rohingya people through his photography work, entitled Exiled to Nowhere: Burma’s Rohingya. Having worked for several years as a photographer, Constantine tells the story of the plight of the Rohingya people who are […]

Peacemaking: Roles for Youth and the University

Wedforum | CRCS | Farihatul Qamariyah As society changes, youth are taking on more significant roles as agents of peace building and the university is becoming a more important institutional actor. One consequence of the current context of the apparent increase in violence resulting from religious intolerance between Muslims and Christians, as seen in incidents that have occurred […]