Wednesday Forum Report

Masculinities and Peacebuilding Agency in Ambon and Aceh

A report from the Wednesday Forum presentation by Dr Wening Udasmoro.

Muhammadiyah in Singapore

A coverage of Mark Woodward’s presentation at CRCS-ICRS Wednesday Forum on the Muhammadiyah Association of Singapore.

What the Reformation has contributed to the modern world

Eight points of the Protestant Reformation’s legacies to the modern world, as explained by Prof. Hans-Peter Grosshans at CRCS-ICRS Wednesday Forum.

The Invention of Indonesian Confucianism

A report on the presentation by Evi Sutrisno on Indonesian Confucianism at the CRCS-ICRS Wednesday Forum.

Legal pluralism and issues over adat lands

A report of the Wednesday Forum presentation by Linda Yanti Sulistiawati, lecturer at the Faculty of Law, UGM.

Shifting the center of Islam from law to love

A report of the CRCS-ICRS Wednesday Forum presentation by Dr Haidar Bagir on the need for a paradigm shift in understanding Islam.