Wednesday Forum Report

Peacemaking: Roles for Youth and the University

Wedforum | CRCS | Farihatul Qamariyah As society changes, youth are taking on more significant roles as agents of peace building and the university is becoming a more important institutional actor. One consequence of the current context of the apparent increase in violence resulting from religious intolerance between Muslims and Christians, as seen in incidents that have occurred […]

Islam and Muslims as Religious Minorities in America

WedForum | CRCS | Ida Fitri Jaye Starr, an American Muslim visiting the ICRS/CRCS programs through the Henry Luce Foundation exchange program, started her talk at the Wednesday Forum by inviting the audience to express their perceptions or questions about Islam and Muslims in America. She then provided an overview of Muslims in America from […]

Is it Necessary to Read Islam Politically?

Wedforum | Hary Widyantoro  Islam and politics has been difficult to separte. This is reflected in the situation in some Muslim countries, such as Mali and Somalia where violent struggles have shifted to periphery. In other regions, revolutionary movements like the Arab Spring were hampered by the politics of religion. On February 19, 2014, Dr. […]

Imajinasi Sosial dan Wajah Plural Modernitas

Sudarto, Najiyah Martiam | CRCS | Wednesday Forum Indonesia bisa jadi jauh lebih modern di banding negara-negara Barat, tergantung bagaimana kata modern ini diimajinasikan. Demikian salah satu poin penting dari presentasi Prof. Bernard Adeney-Risakotta pada Wednesday Forum (Wedforum) minggu lalu (12/9). Menurutnya modernitas tidaklah berwajah tunggal melainkan plural dan berbeda di setiap tempat tergantung imajinasi sosial […]

Conflict and Interfaith Dialogue in the Promise Land

For this week, Wednesday Forum held on March 13, 2010, Ms. Mucha-Shim Q. Alquiza, an ICRS-Yogya student, spoke in behalf of all tri-people Filipinos in Southern Philippines regarding Inter-faith Dialogue; and Dian Maya Safitri acted as moderator. With her carefully chosen theme “From Mission to Transformation: Dialogic encounter of peoples of faith in the bleeding […]