To enhance the academic atmosphere, CRCS had held a weekly discussion forum since 2002. The initial idea was to give more space to students to learn from academics and activists whose ideas might not be heard in the regular classes. In 2006, we agreed with Indonesian Consortium for Religious Studies (ICRS) to hold the discussion every Wednesday afternoon. CRCS-ICRS Wednesday forum since then provides space for the CRCS-ICRS community and the general public to learn more about a variety of topics intersecting with religious issues.

Every year we open two rounds of Wednesday Forum. First round starts from January to May. Second round starts from September to December. The forum usually last for an hour and half with 45-minute presentation and the rest for discussion. The forum is open for the public and uses English.

Anyone interested to give presentation in the forum can send an application along with a 120-word abstract of the proposed talk and a brief CV to Azis Anwar Fachrudin at

Look at the previous posters of the forum to get a sense of the kind of topics we would like to talk about.